Whitby Morrison - World Leading Ice Cream Van Manufacturer

Name: Kris Whitby.

Role: Production Director.

Length of service: 6 years.

Background: I grew up in South Cheshire, attended Sandbach School and went on to work as a mechanic at Mini.

Values I share with Whitby Morrison: Making sure that everything is just as it should be, trust, loyalty, quality and customer service.

If I could snap my fingers and become an expert in something, it would it be: To be good at sport, any sport! 

One thing most people don’t know about me: I'm interested in learning about history, particularly the evolution of towns and cities.

When I was kid, I wanted to grow up to be: A motocross rider.

In a movie about my life, the actor playing me would be: Leonardo DiCaprio! 

At the weekend, you're most likely to find me: Outside somewhere - walking, biking or building bikes. 

Dog person or cat person? Dog.

My favorite sport to watch and team I support is: Boxing / Tyson Fury.

The best things about my job are: It's non-stop, there's always something different happening and there's a real sense of achievement when a van is delivered to a satisfied customer.

My favourite film is: Back to the Future.

My favourite food is: Pasta or pizza.

I will never be seen without: A pair of shorts.

Whitby Morrison is like: A motocross bike. It's a high-performance machine which can handle anything that is thrown at it, no matter what.