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Stuart Whitby

Role: Managing Director.

Length of service: 400-plus years.

Background: I grew up in South Cheshire and attended Crewe Grammar School before becoming an apprentice at Rolls Royce.

Values I share with Whitby Morrison: Doing the very best we can every day while caring for our staff and customers. 

If I could snap my fingers and become an expert in something, it would it be: Being a watchmaker. 

You may not know about me: I collect classic British motorcycles and have a small library at home full of books I’ll probably never get around to reading!

When I was kid, I wanted to be: An architect or to join the Army.

In a movie about my life, the actor playing me would be: Morgan Freeman. I’ve been told my voice sounds similar!

At the weekend, you’re most likely to find me: Watching football or working on DIY projects. I enjoy eating out with Kris and Nick and I’m fascinated by clocks and watches and love to keep learning. 

Dog person or cat person? Dog

My favourite sport to watch and team I support is: Football – Crewe Alexandra and England. I also really enjoy boxing.

The best things about my job are: The variety that every day offers and the buzz of a shared experience. I enjoy helping others solve problems and learn, and seeing customer satisfaction is very important to me.

My favourite film is: Lawrence of Arabia.

My favourite food is: Anything Italian.

My favourite quote is: “Just do it” from Nike or “get the facts” which came from my boss at Rolls Royce.

I will never be seen without: My glasses.

Whitby Morrison is like: A Rolls Royce motor car because they are made by the very best craftsmen who work as a family and refuse to compromise on quality.

Stuart Whitby

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