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International Opportunities

Ice Cream is being successfully sold all over the world from Whitby Morrison ice cream vans

At any one time, somewhere in the world somebody is enjoying a cool ice cream from a Whitby Morrison ice cream van.

Our ice cream vans, kiosks and tricycles have been successfully exported all over the world.

Traditionally a British concept, the quality and performance of these units can be seen in over 60 countries. Locations as diverse as the Middle East, Australia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the US prove that whatever the climate – it will prove no problem for a Whitby Morrison ice cream van.

The combined quality and value of British craftsmanship is tried and tested, and this is precisely the case with any Whitby Morrison-built product.

Whitby Morrison manufacture to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. This has been utilised to ensure that the manufacturing processes have been approved to receive European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. This means that the quality of the Whitby Morrison products is approved and suitable for all European countries – and beyond.

The value of European Whole Vehicle Type Approval is also taken into account in other continents, so if you’re outside of this zone, rest assured that we can help you to import a fantastic Whitby Morrison ice cream van.

All international business is conducted through the UK offices in Cheshire. Where the importation of a British registered vehicle is prohibitive, we can help guide you in ordering a country specific chassis. 

The chassis would then be delivered to our UK factory where it’d undergo transformation into a stunning brand new ice cream van, before being shipped to your desired location.

It is important to note that taxes can vary throughout the world, so please be mindful of this when investigating the opportunity.

Very simply, if an Ice Cream Van can succeed in the UK, it can succeed in any country around the world!