Electric Power Systems For Ice Cream Vans

Whitby Morrison ePower is the green emission-free energy solution for mobile ice cream selling.  ePower eliminates the requirement for any fossil-fueled power system (such as a generator or the vehicle engine [Direct Drive DDS]).

Through the use of lithium ion technology and roof-mounted solar power, the battery system can operate the soft ice cream machine and other equipment. 

Key features

  • Lithium-ion battery with the latest management system for long life.
  • Carpigiani Rapida e soft ice cream machine specifically developed for optimum efficiency and branded to compliment the ePower system. 
  • Performance equal to that of a Carpigiani soft ice cream machine powered by Direct Drive (600 cones per hour if required)
  • High performance inverter/charger
  • Rapid overnight charge: 7kWh at 32A
  • Additional onboard top-up from vehicle alternator if required, or from ePTO on electric chassis
  • Roof-mounted solar panels for almost 1.2kW of free energy; even on a dull day, the solar gain is impressive!
  • Onboard display showing battery status, energy consumption and solar gain
  • Online monitoring via Whitby Morrison portal & smartphone app
  • Two-year communications licence
  • Electric Motor Drive Plus (EMDP) as standard for a super quiet operation
  • Absolute minimal noise and vibration from all systems
  • Easy to maintain and access should any difficulties arise
  • ePower allows for the operation of high-performance soft ice cream machinery indoors and out

Electric Motor Drive (EMD)

An alternative to Whitby Morrison ePower is the Electric Motor Drive (EMD) system.  EMD eliminates the requirement for the Mobiler to use the vehicle engine to power their soft ice cream machine by plugging into a mains supply.

This is suited to 99% of Ice Cream Vans offering soft ice cream, providing there is an  electrical supply and connection at the location they’re operating.  The onus is on the event organisers and pitch owners to provide the infrastructure and ensure they’re ahead of the game by facilitating EMD.

The EMD is a very popular option with 95% of new Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Vans having the system installed during the build process.

The system can also be retrofitted to existing Ice Cream Vans and will allow for the vehicle to operate both indoors and out.

Due to the weight of the system Whitby Morrison ePower has strict chassis requirements to ensure compliance with road going requirements.

ePower WMe10 S: available on all 3500kg chassis

ePower WMe20 HD: 2000 cones + available on 4050kg Maxus / 5000kg Mercedes chassis (or equivalent)

ePower WMe50 Ultra: 5000 cones + available on 5000kg Mercedes chassis ONLY

Whitby Morrison ePower is best suited to MWB and LWB chassis and therefore the Mondial Lusso bodywork design is the solution.

However, it is feasible to utilise ePower WMe10 S on a SWB chassis with the Mondial Lusso body.

Beyond these options, with there being no requirement for vehicle input, ePower can be fitted to other vehicles or units (mobile and static); trailers, kiosks, mobile homes, campervans and more. 

WMe10 S

1000 – 2000 cones

WMe20 HD

2000 cones +

WMe50 Ultra

5000 cones +

SystemKWhInverter (rated cont.)
e1010kWh4000w (will not exceed)
e2020kWh4000w (will not exceed)
e5050kWh8000w (will not exceed)
Solar MWB1100wmax
Solar LWB1450wmax
Rapida e2600w
Spin Slush1100w
Microwave 700w1400w

Whitby Morrison ePower starts from:

·         WM e10 S: £95,770.00 (own chassis supplied)

·         WM e10 S: £142,245.00 (new Mercedes Sprinter 317 MWB chassis)