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Trailers & Kiosks

Whitby Morrison are proud to offer a range of exciting solutions designed to ensure clients can comfortably operate at every setting and event.

Busy festivals, bustling city centres or sensitive and challenging locations can be effectively reached thanks to our stylish Trailers, Tricycles and Carts.

The Whitby Morrison team can build to exact specifications and none of these catering solutions are limited to serving ice cream.  The options are endless. 

Trailers can be built to any size, shape and colour; have a hatch or windows; soft ice cream or scoop; fixed or detachable tow hitch; serve coffee or tea. Let your imagination run wild!

The final design and appearance can be manufactured to suit your exact business application and comes with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

Whitby Morrison Tricycles are small, quirky and highly effective in enhancing your sales potential.

Perfect for sensitive locations, hard-to-reach places or simply as an additional sales tool, we have a range to suit all budgets and businesses.

We can incorporate everything from an insulated box to self-contained refrigeration systems. All tricycles are fully customisable in terms of appearance and accessory. 

More substantial than a Tricycle but retaining all the charm, our Carts offer huge storage capacity and can be built to exact requirements.

Ambient or refrigerated, Carts boast portable LED lighting, a telescopic canopy, a custom chassis and a superb braking system.

Our Carts are an impressive sales tool – ideal as one-offs or additions to an existing setup.

Whether you chose a Trailer, a Tricycle or a Cart you can rest assured that a Whitby Morrison is the perfect investment.