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Whitby Specialist Vehicles Type Approval

Whitby Specialist Vehicles Limited hold multi-stage Type Approval as Stage 2 manufacturer;

To design, manufacture and market new bespoke ice cream vehicles constructed on proprietary chassis cabs.

What is Type Approval?

Type approval, also known as type certification or homologation, is a regulatory process used to ensure that a particular product, vehicle, or piece of equipment meets specific standards and requirements set by governing authorities before it can be marketed or used in a particular region or country. This process is critical for ensuring safety, environmental compliance, and interoperability.

What does Type Approval certification mean for you?

Regulatory Compliance

Products must comply with relevant technical standards and regulations, which can vary by region and industry. These standards may pertain to safety, environmental impact, performance, and other factors.

Testing and Certification

Products undergo rigorous testing by authorised laboratories or certification bodies to verify compliance. This may include mechanical, electrical, environmental, and durability tests.


Manufacturers must provide detailed documentation, including design specifications, test reports, and compliance declarations. This helps authorities evaluate the product’s adherence to standards.

Labelling and Marking

Approved products often receive a certification mark or label, indicating they have passed the approval process. For example, CE marking in Europe on vehicle lighting and glass products.

Market Access

Type approval is often a prerequisite for market entry. Without it, manufacturers cannot legally sell or distribute their products in certain markets.

Ongoing Compliance

Some type approval processes require ongoing compliance checks and audits to ensure products continue to meet standards throughout their lifecycle.

Applications of Type Approval

Automotive Industry

Vehicles and automotive components must meet safety and environmental standards. Type approval covers aspects like emissions, crash safety, and noise levels.

Multi-stage Type Approval

Whitby Specialist Vehicles Limited are the final (Stage 2) manufacturer within the multi-stage Type Approval process and are responsible for providing access to vehicle on board diagnostic (OBD) information and vehicle repair and maintenance information regarding its own manufacturing stage and the link to the previous stage.

Stage 1 Manufacturer information:

Mercedes-Benz Group AG 70546 Stuttgart Germany


Type Approval number of Stage 1: e1*2007/46*0300*xx

Engine number: OM654