Carpigiani: Global Leaders and Firm Friends

Whitby Morrison has a proud and long-standing partnership with Carpigiani – a synergetic combination of the very best in the business.

For more than 30 years we have been the exclusive worldwide partner for van-model Carpigiani soft ice cream machines. 

There is no better system than the Rapida brand from Carpigiani and you can only find them in Whitby Morrison vehicles. Developed in the late 2000s, the Rapida is recognised as the pinnacle of soft ice cream machine quality, reliability and performance. 

All mobile vehicle setup enquiries received by Carpigiani are sent to Whitby Morrison and products are developed side by side. The Furgoni brand, which boasts the same performance as Rapida, is offered to other vehicle manufacturers within the industry. 

An unrivalled technical support system and spares backup service is provided by Whitby Morrison and fully supported and endorsed by Carpigiani.

The relationship between the two world leaders is stronger than ever and solidified by close friendships formed on a personal level through a shared love of football, food and wine. 

This alliance is a perfect example of synergy, mutual respect and understanding and it is complemented by a mutual passion for delivering only the very best to customers.

Together, Whitby Morrison and Carpigiani have forged a powerhouse that offers the soundest and wisest investment in the Ice Cream Van industry.

Carpigiani Rapida

Carpigiani Slush