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Our History Six decades of excellence

Six decades of excellence & three generations of family values that continue today.

Founded by Bryan Whitby in 1962 Whitby Morrison is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of ice cream vehicles.

From a purpose built factory in Cheshire, England, Whitby Morrison produce bespoke ice cream vans and associated vehicles for the global market.

Today’s business is driven forward under the stewardship of Managing Director Stuart Whitby with the support his two sons (Operations Manager) Edward and (Production Manager) Kristopher.

The management team are supported by a unique, dynamic and highly skilled workforce. They offer equal influence in ensuring that Whitby Morrison produce, and offer, the finest products and support available within the ice cream mobiling industry.

The ISO9001:2015 accredited Whitby Morrison management system ensure a process of continuous improvement is in place. We strive to ensure that every day, service and new vehicle is even better than the previous.

The Beginning of a Revolution

Bryan Whitby set up a business producing custom-built vehicles at Chapel Lane, Crewe, and quickly gained a reputation as a pioneer. With the support of Sid Cummins Sr, Bryan worked hard to develop the Direct Drive System.  This groundbreaking invention eliminated the need for a separate generator and remains a key system for Ice Cream Vans across the world.

Like Father Like Son

Having completed his apprenticeship at Rolls Royce where he won the prestigious WO Bentley Award, Stuart Whitby joined his father’s business which had moved to Fields Road, Haslington, nine years earlier. Together they launched the Whitby Warrior, a utility vehicle which sparked huge interest and was soon operating as far afield as the West Indies.

Making Moves with Mercedes  

The Warrior’s unmitigated success paved the way for more ground-breaking vehicles, including the Whitby Black Roof which was developed for a Bedford CF in 1983. It was adapted to fit the newly-released Mercedes T1 vans some 12 months later.

New Home and New Name

To meet the rising demand for Whitby Ice Cream Vans the company moved to a purpose-built factory at Fourth Avenue, Crewe. The site remains our base more than three decades on. Soon the opportunity to purchase Morrison Industries arose and the two best names in the industry were combined to become Whitby Morrison.

Impressive Body Of Work

Morrison launched the Long Cowl and Half Cowl bodywork designs, focused specifically on the new Mk3 Ford Transit. Following its success the Short Cowl was introduced and it went onto become the most popular body style fitted to the Ford Transit throughout the nineties.

A Prestigious Partnership

An agreement with soft ice cream specialists Carpigiani was another industry-defining moment. The partnership saw Whitby Morrison become the sole distributor for the van model soft ice cream machines manufactured by the famous Italian firm.

An Excellent Acquisition

Whitby Morrison acquired the highly-respected Cummins brand, following David Cummins’ decision to move to the US. Production of Cummins Ice Cream Vans commenced immediately, bringing many mobilers to Whitby Morrison for the first time. Two years later the Whitby Morrison-built Chevrolet Ice Cream Truck proved to be a very popular choice in the US.

A Millennium Milestone

Whitby Morrison launched the Millennium Ice Cream Van to compliment the latest Ford Transit. Representing yet another huge step forward in mobiling, the Millennium would remain a popular choice over the next 15 years.

Family Ties Grow Stronger

Edward Whitby became the first of the third generation of the Whitby family to join the business, joining father Stuart and grandfather Bryan. The following year managing director Stuart was elected President of the Ice Cream Alliance.

Mondial Makes Waves

The Mondial, the first Ice Cream Van to incorporate both Whitby Morrison and Cummins design features, was launched. Almost 1,000 of the attractive vehicles were produced over the following 10 years.

A Golden Landmark

Friends and colleagues from the ice cream industry came from across the world to help celebrate Whitby Morrison’s 50th anniversary. The same year Whitby Morrison were commissioned to produce more than 100 ice cream and confectionery sales units for a client operating at all London 2012 Olympics venues.

The Magnificent Amalfi

Unlike any modern Ice Cream Van the Amalfi proved to be a ground-breaking development with its striking design setting a new benchmark in design.

Loss of a Legend

Founder Bryan Whitby sadly passed away at the age of 84. Almost £15,000 was raised immediately for St Luke’s Hospice in his memory. That figure has been added to annually ever since.  He will never be forgotten and his legacy lives on.

Big Developments at Base

Stuart’s third son, Kristopher, joined the business as Production Director, further strengthening the company’s family values. In the same year the Modial Lusso, a revamped and upgraded interpretation of the classic Mondial, was launched and immediately proved a huge hit with mobilers everywhere. 

The Future is Green

After nearly 3 years of development, Whitby Morrison ePower was launched to provide a green energy solution for all mobile catering and vending concepts. A Lithium-ion system backed by solar panels eliminates the need for an auxiliary power source, reduces operational costs and is better for the environment.