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Ice Cream Vans and Whitby Morrison, theres no truer combination when it comes to the perfect match.  We have been building bespoke Ice Cream Vans for more than 60 years, and for all purposes, locations and climates.

During that time we have seen many different designs come and go, some absolute classics and some quite forgettable!

One thing you can be sure of, Whitby Morrison will continue to put the development and evolution of Ice Cream Vans at the forefront of the business – you can count on us to supply you with the very latest and best designs.

Right now there are two serious considerations when it comes to Ice Cream Van design…

Mondial Lusso

The most successful Whitby Morrison ice cream van of all time.

The Mondial Lusso is the most successful Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van, and for good reason – we took the very best and made it even better!

Based on the previous number one, the Mondial, it is truly the finest in the world.

The epitome of what an Ice Cream Van should be, the Mondial Lusso boasts stunning sharp lines, a brilliant sports-style rear diffuser section and an enlarged rear panel space.

Bonded windows and louvres have all but eliminated the water leaks which plagued Ice Cream Vans of yesteryear – and have added to the sleek and stylish appearance. 

Improvements to the machine dispense height position have made for more comfortable operation while optional additions such as an integral camera system, LED lighting and an illuminated rear louvre take the Mondial Lusso to an untouchable level.

At Whitby Morrison we know the Mondial Lusso steals the show wherever it goes.  Suited to all wheelbases and end uses, its no wonder this design has proven to be the number one choice in Mobiling history.


The perfect ice cream van for 21st century ice cream selling

The ice cream industry had never seen anything like the Amalfi until its launch.  Presented to the public in 2013, it continues to lead the way in style and performance.

The striking design set a new benchmark with distinctive bodywork lines and show-stopping edges tinged with a hint of retro. 

Bonded windows and louvres maintain a sleek flush finish and all but eliminate the risk of water leak.

The option is there to further enhance the sophisticated exterior with evocative illuminated rocket pods, additional lighting opportunities and an integral rear view camera system. 

Increased height at the rear storage hatch offers substantial space for PPS and refrigeration system controls.

An improved rear freezer system prevents ice build-up around the aperture and the chiller offers benefits similarly with integral insulated doors (Whitby model).

The Amalfi is geared up perfectly for the 21st Century mobiler and looks just like an Ice Cream Van should. There’s no doubt it is a future classic.