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  • Are there any finance options available?

    Finance is available, however it is not provided directly by Whitby Morrison. We have a variety of companies with whom we work, and will be happy to forward your details to them.


  • Can Whitby Morrison supply second hand vans?

    Here at Whitby Morrison we solely supply new vehicles. However, we are able to convert your own panel van into a new Ice Cream Van. Please view the Used Vans for Sale list to see a selection of Second Hand Ice Cream Vans available for private sale.


  • What type of gas is used in the freezer and chiller?

    All newly built Whitby Morrison refrigeration systems operate using Refrigerant Gas R404a. Older models may operate with a different Refrigerant Gas – please consult your local Refrigeration Engineer if you have any doubts.


  • Do I need a license to sell Ice Cream?

    To sell ice cream in public you must have a valid Public Liability insurance certificate and the correct Mobiler’s license, which can be issued by your local council. Please note that individual licensing requirements can vary from council to council.


  • Can I hire a vehicle from the Whitby Morrison Heritage Collection?

    We are pleased to offer a selection of our vehicles for hire for selective marketing, promotional and periodical roles. However, we strictly reserve the right to refuse to support anything, which we believe to be in distaste and not reflect the ice cream industry and Whitby Morrison in a positive way.