Double scoop for Mobiler of the year

The crowning of Mobiler of the Year was only the start of what will be a fantastic season for Reading Mobiler Paul Field.

As many in the Mobiling industry will know, Paul is one the most genuine and down to earth people you could wish to meet. His family have been in the business since 1950 and enjoyed some fantastic times.

In readiness for the 2017 season, Paul has recently taken delivery of two stunning new ice cream vans; a brand-new brand new Whitby Mondial Lusso and a beautifully converted Cummins Bedford CF.

Side by side there are not many prettier sites sights when it comes to Ice Cream Vans!

Raymond ‘Flo’ Morris celebrates 25 years

The Whitby Morrison Team produce some of the finest ice cream vans in the world; the dedication, hard work and undoubted skills are one of the key reasons behind the success of every Whitby van.

Many of the Whitby Morrison team join the company at a young age, make huge strides forward and then lead the company from strength to strength. A number of people have reached the 25-year milestone in recent times, and Paint Shop Team Leader Raymond Morris is the latest to join that elite group.

Ray ‘Flo’ Morris joined Whitby Morrison in 1992 and has likely painted over 2000 ice cream vans during his career – some of the quirkier and intricate designs you can see here.

We’d like to thank Flo for his hard work and commitment to Whitby Morrison, and for producing some of the best paint finishes you are ever likely to see. He’s not bad for coming up with new ideas too! Cheers Flo!

Vehicle tax is changing – but not for commercials

The way Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is calculated is changing for some vehicles registered from 1 April 2017. All vehicles registered before this date will not be affected.

The changes, announced by the Chancellor in the 2015 budget, set out that from next year, the first vehicle licence will be calculated on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

Having spoken with Mercedes we are able to confirm that this will not apply to N1 commercial vehicles. Therefore, the way in which all new Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Vans are taxed will remain as before.

New children’s ice cream book released

Here at Whitby Morrison we are keen to support everyone and everything that brings positivity to the ice cream industry. Those of you who visited the Ice Cream Expo may have met Sarah Williams with her fantastic book, ‘Look how the ice cream has melted’.

Targeted at younger children this lovely book is an exciting story of an adventure where ‘Freddie’ is trying desperately to keep the chocolate ice cream that he loves frozen; so that it doesn’t melt. Freddie finds himself travelling to The North Pole and The South Pole but soon realises that Mummy is right! The moral of the story is to seize the moment.

The book is nicely presented, easy to read and features some great illustrations.

Anyone with younger children or an association with ice cream must buy this book! And just like Chris Copner’s fantastic ‘Pinky and Friends’, this book may also be a great way to build relationships with schools in your local area.

2017 Mobiler of the year

The 2017 Mobiler of the Year title was awarded to Reading-based Mobiler Paul Field during this year’s Ice Cream Expo in Harrogate.

Paul has worked in his family’s business for 35 years. He joined his father, Maurice, straight from school and has helped build the business up to have an eight strong fleet of vans.

The award also recognises Paul’s charity work. Last year he took part in a national ice cream give away donating thousands of free cones to children with special needs which across the country raised £5,000 for Children in Need.

2017 promises to be a very exciting year for Paul with two new additions to his mobile fleet just around the corner!

We’d like to offer our sincere congratulations to Paul, and also to Karl Simcock and Georgia Alston who were deserved finalists in the competition.

Historic Mobiling: Tartaglia’s of Gloucester

Following on from the Perruzza family last month, we’ve received some fantastic photos over the past month showing the great Mobiling histories within Ice Cream Families. Please continue to send them in and we’ll feature them where we can.

This month we continue with the theme by sharing a selection of images courtesy of Mike Allan of Tartaglia’s of Gloucester. Many of you will have met with Mike over the years, a true gentleman capable of making some of the finest ice cream. He has a great Mobiling setup too.

Amongst the images supplied by Mike is one showing the very first Morrison built Bedford CF with a direct drive system. You can also see what an excellent fleet he operated in the mid-80s with that impressive line-up of vans. The single image of the Ford Transit is the very first Whitby-built Ice Cream Van for Tartaglia’s – and we’re very proud to say, the first of many.

The final image shows how Mike has kept with tradition but modernised at the same time with one of his Millennium Ford Transits.

Many of you will be able to relate to these images and have affinity in one way or another. This industry is unique; there may be several thousand vans out there, but we all tend to know and can relate to one another.

Start of season maintenance

The days are getting longer and for many it’s time to start preparing for what will (hopefully) be the best season yet!

Now is the ideal time to ensure everything is in good and proper working order – time spent preparing now will certainly pay off through the summer months. Use this check list as a guide;

Carpigiani soft machine; Have you got all of the correct parts and are they in working order? Now’s the time to pick up replacements that you may have mislaid. Likewise, it is important to replace your seals and, if finances allow, replace the gears in your pump. All Mobilers know that this is what generates the profit from your van so be sure you’re in the best place possible.

Important to have the basics in place – preparation now will ensure the season flows as smoothly as possible, allowing you to sell ice cream and earn money rather than waiting to have things repaired.

Direct drive; Have a look at the crankshaft pulley and check for signs of wear. Similarly, ensure that the belts are tightened and show no signs of cracks. Also check that the clutch continues to engage effectively and doesn’t make any unnatural noise.

Chill and rear freezer; Make sure they have been emptied, thawed out and cleaned before freezing them down to temperature once again. A visual check of your compressor and the sight glass as well as the temperature display will tell you if things are working as they should. At the same time ensure that your lids and doors are moving correctly and the seals in tact.

Interior lights; Make sure they are working correctly and that there are no problems with the fuses. The last thing you want is to be working later one evening and find you are almost invisible!

General vehicle maintenance; Check your tyre pressures, oil and fluid levels – if the ice cream van hasn’t moved over the winter months then it’s quite likely these areas will need attention in ensuring all is correct.

Now is also a good time to make sure the van is free of moisture and condensation. If left standing over winter, moisture may have found its way inside and can soon lead to further problems such as mould.

SIGEP Rimini 2017: Review

No sooner has the new year begun and it seems half of the ice cream industry heads over to Rimini in Italy for the incredible Sigep Exhibition. It really is arguably the largest and finest exhibition for ice cream in the world.

Now in its 38th year, Whitby Morrison were exhibiting for the 9th year! There have been some real highlights throughout those years, meeting potential Mobilers from the most diverse of places.

The 2017 event represented a slight change in approach for Whitby Morrison; in previous years we’ve been positioned alongside Carpigiani, but as a one-off for this year we agreed to try a different location.

Admittedly the footfall seemed to be slightly reduced, but for what may have been lost in numbers was more than made up for in the quality of interest. Again, enquiries were received from all over the world, with a high level of interest from Brazil in particular!

There was a fantastic turnout form the UK Mobiling fraternity too with friends and familiar faces from all over. It was also nice to see ICA President Martin Chittock along with Zelica.

We say it every year, but for those of you who are wondering whether to head over next year – the answer is yes, It really is something you cannot miss!

Its SIGEP Rimini time again

It may be the quietest time of the Mobiling season, but for many the season begins now with a trip to Sigep in Rimini. Arguably the biggest and best exhibitions for ice cream in the world, this 5-day event attracted almost 200,000 visitors in 2016 alone!

Whitby Morrison will be present once more with the latest Mondial Lusso on display. Previous experience suggests that we can expect to receive interest from as many as 50 countries from around the globe.

Of course interest doesn’t always mean a sale but it’s great for the industry and it proves that the concept can be successful beyond the UK, and indeed Europe.

We’re always pleased to see familiar friendly faces from the UK so if you are travelling over to Italy, be sure to visit out stand in hall A7.

Historic images from the Perruzza family

The Perruzza family from the Lake District are popular and well known throughout Mobiling circles. On a recent visit to the Whitby Morrison factory they took the opportunity to share some fantastic photos showing the family’s Mobiling heritage.

The main photo shows the Terribile family of Preston, relatives of the Perruzza’s and owners of one of the first motorised Ice Cream Vans in the 1920s.

Also pictured are Tony Perruzza’s grandfather Joseph with his horse and cart, and his grandmother Teresa, also with horse and cart. The van image is that of one belonging to Dominic Perruzza in the 1950s.

It’s a real privilege to be able to see these images and share them with you. It just shows the depths of family heritage within the ice cream industry.

If you and your families have similar images, we’d love to have the opportunity to share them in forthcoming newsletters.