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99x99s – Luke Stephenson

Ice Cream is a hugely popular interest for many – every thought of a heatwave, washout and chime argument is covered by an Ice Cream Van and radio or television crew. Beyond this annual cycle of stories, there’s a wider picture with Ice Cream than many people have perhaps thought – an artistic picture if you will.

32 year old Luke Stephenson from Darlington is a photographer who thrives on the eccentricity of Britain and the British way of life. As we all know (and the reason why you’re reading this) the 99 is a key part of British life, and indeed identity – nowhere else does it exist as it does here.

And what we all also know is that whilst everyone interprets size a little differently (!), a 99 consists of a cone, ice cream and a chocolate flake.
Luke took it upon himself to travel around the country and then purchase and photograph a 99 from various ice cream vans, kiosks and parlours. And then document each in a book.
The findings are fascinating, with the simplicity of a 99 reflected in the presentation of the book.

Everyone reading this will know someone in the book – it’s a lovely read and well worth the £30 price (or £40 for those of you preferring a signed edition). Everyone with a remote interest in ice cream should own one…