Whitby Morrison - World Leading Ice Cream Van Manufacturer


Since 1962, our vehicles have been proudly taking ice cream to people all over the world.

The most profitable and flexible way to sell ice cream is from a Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van. Our stylish vans provide the freedom to sell what, when and wherever you want.

Both the Amalfi and Mondial Lusso deliver state-of-the-art functionality, comfort and service without compromising on appearance. The best makers in the world expertly combine decades of hands-on experience with cutting edge looks and appeal.

The Amalfi is perfect for 21st Century ice cream selling and more. Its striking appearance boasts distinctive lines, definite edges and a retro flair which has revolutionised the mobile ice cream industry.  Since its inception, the Amalfi has all the hallmarks of being a classic in the making.

The Mondial Lusso is our most successful ever Ice Cream Van. A refined body design with sharp lines, eye-catching diffuser section and enlarged rear panel space make it perfect for all occasions.

Whitby Morrison also offer a stunning range of Trailers & Kioskswhich ensure clients can comfortably operate at any setting or event.  All are custom built to your exact design preference.

We can also create or adapt any vehicle to suit your business needs. Our Custom and Bespoke solutions provide endless possibilities to allow you to do things your way.  With more than six decades of experience, you can be confident the skills and expertise are in place to produce your exact requirement.

Whatever you choose you cannot lose. Whitby Morrison will make your mobiling dreams a reality.