Carpigiani Rapida

The Rapida brand was developed by Ed and Stuart Whitby in 2009.

Van model soft ice cream machines needed to be brought into the 21st Century and the industry required fresh direction.

Rapida was the result. Meaning ‘fast’ in Italian, the brand name reflects the very nature of the machine while the sleek styling ensures it pays homage to its Italian manufacturer, Carpigiani.

The current model Rapida X is the culmination of continued refinement since its inception.

Capable of producing more than 600 cones per hour (that’s one every six seconds!) there is nothing comparable in today’s market. The Rapida X offers an incredibly quick freeze-down and recovery time and continues impressively while ice cream is dispensed.

Mechanically driven (whether by Whitby DDS, EMD or ePower), there are no concerns about potential electronic component failure. As long as you have a power source, Rapida X will go on and on.

Rapida X has digital temperature displays to show clear readings for both the machine hopper and barrel.

Available in both pink and blue designs as standard and supported by a full spares service backup, Rapida X delivers unrivalled performance, reliability and flair.