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Whitby Morrison on the road: China

In recent newsletters we’ve looked at Mobiling around the world, particularly last month where we looked at Hong Kong – a truly unique place with a fantastic Mobiling setup.

As a result of a recent meeting with Richard Xu of Carpigiani China, Stuart and Ed were invited over to look at the manufacturing setup in the Shanghai and Zhongshan areas as well as some great potential Mobiling opportunities.

It was a very interesting trip and a fascinating place to visit. The people are very welcoming and are keen to make quick progress. They have clear admiration for western society and the UK in particular.

During the trip Stuart and Ed were introduced to some interesting food options – the highlights proving to be Hot and Spicy fried Frog and Grass Carp Soup – both surprisingly enjoyable!

They also proved to be quite a novelty in the lesser westernised areas with locals asking to have photos taken with them both. Not too sure that would quite work the same in the UK!

The potential is mind blowing; we are optimistic that this could just be the start of Whitby Morrison working with China.