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Whitby Morrison on the road: Bristol

Antonio and Ian have once again been on their travels around the UK accompanied by the Mondial Lusso Demonstrator – this time spending a few days in the Bristol area.

Whether its Antonio’s bubbling personality, Ian’s enthusiasm or the sheer beauty of the Mondial Lusso (we tend to think the latter), the numbers of people in attendance made us proud once again.

Over the course of the trip there were so many familiar faces from both recent times and years gone by – and every one enthusiastic for a great season selling ice cream.

Antonio was especially proud to see his friend Fabrizio who is currently driving and operating the first van that he ever sold.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come and see us and making both Antonio and Ian feel so very welcome.

We’ve included a few photos from the trip, those pictured include Carmelo Licata, Dominic Lopresti, Filippo Bavetta, Giuseppe Presti, Vito, Vittorio and Jerry Parinello and Max Salatino who took time out from his pitch on the retail park in Swindon.