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Walls FG Rocket launched

Here at Whitby Morrison we are passionate about vintage ice cream vans and preserving the heritage of our great industry. This regular feature of the newsletter shows what an important part of our business it is.

We try to cover all projects that are undertaken – we’re proud of them all. But every now and then, one comes through that is above and beyond exceptional – and this month is one of those occasions.

This unbelievable Leyland FG Cummins Rocket is newly converted and completed in vintage Walls livery to compliment the Bedford CA featured in February.

This is probably one of, if not, the best vehicle that we have ever produced. With a brand new hardwood framework, aluminium bodywork panelling, a super silent generator, Carpigiani Rapida II and Whitby Morrison holdover refrigeration system, this Rocket is geared up for everything and anything – it drives perfectly too!

Ask any mobile what the best ice cream van ever made is and a high percentage will say the Rocket. The Rocket is one of the most iconic ice cream vans ever produced and influenced the development of the Amalfi which was launched in 2013.

Very few working examples remain in existence today but this has been built to last and will be working at events around the UK throughout this forthcoming season.