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The most iconic Ice Cream Van of all time

Have you ever seen a more impressive sight? This Cummins FG Rocket has to be arguably the most impressive vintage Ice Cream Van you have ever seen!

Built for Midlands-Mobiler Alfonso Urso, the Rocket has been the most eagerly anticipated Ice Cream Van of all time.

Utilising a 1977 Leyland FG Flat Lorry chassis, the complete vehicle has been produced from scratch and includes; aluminium bodywork panelling, GRP components, the latest 4 lid freezer and chill combination and traditional Balloon Man formica.

The vehicle itself had been fitted with a Ford Transit engine prior to delivery to Whitby Morrison, allowing for the soft ice cream machine to be operated by direct drive. This is in addition to the top of the range generator and electric motor system developed for this particular van.

We at Whitby Morrison are delighted to have had the opportunity to produce such a spectacular Ice Cream Van and are rightly proud of every member of the Whitby team for creating such.

Special thanks in particular must go to Coach Builder Tony Edmunds who was responsible for the majority of the build, a truly skilled craftsman.

The completed Rocket created a huge stir on social media before being put to work by Alfonso. It will now spend the summer bringing smiles to everyone’s faces before making an appearance at the Whitby Event in October.