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The making of a Rocket

Every Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van is hand crafted and produced with an unprecedented level of care. And as you’d imagine, the Rocket was treated with the utmost level of respect.

The skills and passion required to produce such a stunning Ice Cream Van cannot be taught; they are instilled from the very first day the Whitby team enter the factory.

This passion can be likened to that of the Ice Cream Van enthusiasts out there in the industry, and none more so than Alfonso and his family. As you can see from the photos ice cream has forever been in his blood, and the Rocket model in particular, a true icon within the Urso family.

As a tribute to Alfonso and the work undertaken by Whitby Morrison, Mobiler Brian Trinder put together this fantastic collage of images detailing the progress of the Rocket in build. Thank you, Brian.

This is a perfect example of how Ice Cream Vans and Mobiling are not just a job, they are a passion and a lifestyle that engages all of us.