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The Ford Transit Story

There can be few people in the UK who have never seen a Ford Transit Ice Cream Van. Right from their launch in 1965 they have been a popular base for conversion into a mobile sales vehicle.

2015 represents 50 years since its inception and plans are afoot to celebrate this impressive milestone, both at Ford and here at Whitby Morrison (keep an eye on the next few newsletters).

Amongst the vast array of Ford Transit information out there, we recently discovered a fantastic book detailing its story.

Written by award winning author Giles Chapman, this hardback book details everything right from the beginning. Different models, engines, uses – you name it – everything is covered by him, including the use of Transits for Ice Cream Vans!

There are some great photos in there, many of which will bring back memories for everyone – not just the ice cream link.

Priced at £8.99 it’s a worthwhile purchase and small enough to keep in the van for those quieter periods.