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Start of season maintenance

The days are getting longer and for many it’s time to start preparing for what will (hopefully) be the best season yet!

Now is the ideal time to ensure everything is in good and proper working order – time spent preparing now will certainly pay off through the summer months. Use this check list as a guide;

Carpigiani soft machine; Have you got all of the correct parts and are they in working order? Now’s the time to pick up replacements that you may have mislaid. Likewise, it is important to replace your seals and, if finances allow, replace the gears in your pump. All Mobilers know that this is what generates the profit from your van so be sure you’re in the best place possible.

Important to have the basics in place – preparation now will ensure the season flows as smoothly as possible, allowing you to sell ice cream and earn money rather than waiting to have things repaired.

Direct drive; Have a look at the crankshaft pulley and check for signs of wear. Similarly, ensure that the belts are tightened and show no signs of cracks. Also check that the clutch continues to engage effectively and doesn’t make any unnatural noise.

Chill and rear freezer; Make sure they have been emptied, thawed out and cleaned before freezing them down to temperature once again. A visual check of your compressor and the sight glass as well as the temperature display will tell you if things are working as they should. At the same time ensure that your lids and doors are moving correctly and the seals in tact.

Interior lights; Make sure they are working correctly and that there are no problems with the fuses. The last thing you want is to be working later one evening and find you are almost invisible!

General vehicle maintenance; Check your tyre pressures, oil and fluid levels – if the ice cream van hasn’t moved over the winter months then it’s quite likely these areas will need attention in ensuring all is correct.

Now is also a good time to make sure the van is free of moisture and condensation. If left standing over winter, moisture may have found its way inside and can soon lead to further problems such as mould.