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New children’s ice cream book released

Here at Whitby Morrison we are keen to support everyone and everything that brings positivity to the ice cream industry. Those of you who visited the Ice Cream Expo may have met Sarah Williams with her fantastic book, ‘Look how the ice cream has melted’.

Targeted at younger children this lovely book is an exciting story of an adventure where ‘Freddie’ is trying desperately to keep the chocolate ice cream that he loves frozen; so that it doesn’t melt. Freddie finds himself travelling to The North Pole and The South Pole but soon realises that Mummy is right! The moral of the story is to seize the moment.

The book is nicely presented, easy to read and features some great illustrations.

Anyone with younger children or an association with ice cream must buy this book! And just like Chris Copner’s fantastic ‘Pinky and Friends’, this book may also be a great way to build relationships with schools in your local area.