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Ice Cream Vans on the Big Screen

The importance of Ice Cream Vans in every day British life can never be underestimated. Here at Whitby Morrison we do our best to support any project that portrays Ice Cream Vans in a positive light.

In Summer 2018 Whitby Morrison were pleased to support our friend Carl Hunter by lending him a vintage Ice Cream Van for his forthcoming film.

Whilst the Ice Cream Van plays no significant role, it is it’s iconic image that supports such a British film and setting.

The film, Sometimes, Always, Never is released in the UK on 14 June and stars Bill Nighy in a quest to search for his missing son.

Be sure to check it out on release; critic reviews suggest its nothing short of excellent.

You can view the trailer for the film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22R-JQRov_U