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Ice Cream Alliance: Mobiler Tony Roach

Ice cream is an industry most of us have been born into, not just a job more a way of life. My earliest memories are of working with my father in a Commer Karrier 60s. He was a Mister Softee franchisee and member of the Ice Cream Alliance in the 60s and 70s. I can remember reading copies of the Ice Cream Journal as a boy.

I started my own business shortly after leaving school, trading the streets in a Bedford CA hard van and I eventually joined the Alliance myself back in the 1980s. For many years it just stayed in background, I received the monthly magazine, but I suppose most of the time I just kept my head down and carried on working.

I have been in the industry for forty years and I have built my business up and now operate a fleet of modern and vintage vans. My fleet ranges from Ford Transit Whitby Millennium and Whitby Cummins soft ice cream vans, to a Bedford CA – Smiths body (1965) and Bedford CF’s Morrison full cowl soft vans (1972), the latter was owned by my late father and had sat in our yard for 18 years before being completely rebuilt and restored.

In recent years I have realised the importance of Ice Cream Alliance membership. With so many new regulations being introduced regarding how we can trade and run our own business we need something behind us, our industry is under constant attack from bureaucracy and red tape.

My division is London and Home Counties which is well supported, with a range of members from all aspects of the ice cream trade and some of the friendliest people you could meet. Having support from others in our industry is invaluable.

Members receive the monthly ‘Ice Cream’ magazine which keeps you up to date on all the latest news and then there is the Mobiler of the Year competition. Winning this competition has giving me the opportunity to promote my business to another level. Since the award I have has more media attention in a few weeks than in the last forty years as an ice cream mobiler!

There are a range of benefits but most importantly, the Ice Cream Alliance provides support for our industry.

If you are not a member, why not consider it?