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Ice Cream Alliance: Mobiler Katy Alston

It seems incredible that I’m now entering my seventeenth year as an ice cream Mobiler! I appreciate that in comparison to many, I’m still only a youngster! As I look back to the challenges of the early years, as a first generation Mobiler, I am rather proud of what I have achieved. However, the success is by no means solely down to me.

I believe that I offer excellent customer service, as a previous nurse our vans are always ‘clinically clean’, and we’ve worked incredibly hard at marketing, business development and promoting mobiling as a whole in a very positive way. As every Mobiler knows, that’s only a part of it! My skills gaps lie in the mechanics of the engine and specific machinery that we rely on totally each and every day. It’s having that ‘mechanically minded brain’ that’s wired to solve the problems and complexities that are far too frequently present when working as a Mobiler. 

My first interaction with Whitby Morrison came, luckily, pretty early on in my mobiling career. I can recall quite vividly attending my first ICA Expo and seeing my first brand new Whitby conversion. I can honestly say it was and still is the first time I experienced love at first sight! At that time, I had a ‘very bodged’ conversion that has long since gone to that ice cream van cloud in the sky! Compared to the beauties that were on display, my old girl could have faded into insignificance and me along with it! The lovely Dave, from Whitbys, treated me with the utmost respect. I threw all my questions at him, so excited to have found the guru who not only could help me with my greatest concerns, but someone else who really got this unique and deep-seated passion for this unique and incredible world of ice cream vans.

It is through the support and connections made through Whitby Morrison and the Ice Cream Alliance that I owe much of my success. To all the Mobilers that have offered advice and even a belt at that crucial bank holiday moment, thank you. To every Past President that has supported and encouraged this first-generation Ice creamer, thank you. As we enter our third week of trading in ‘Pinks Parlour’, our first static outlet, with wonderful reviews and the knowledge that we have so far got six individuals back into paid work, I certainly have a great deal to be grateful for! The BBC are visiting to film today. Yes, I’ll smile, do my best to answer all the questions correctly and, as my daughter says, “be NICE Mum!” However, it’s mobiling that gave me my ‘freedom’ and will always be my ‘happy place’. So straight afterwards, I’ll be found back on my round, spreading happiness through the wonderful medium of ice cream! Wishing you all a wonderful season.

Images courtesy of Chantale Goble of ‘Goble Photography’