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Historic Mobiling: Tartaglia’s of Gloucester

Following on from the Perruzza family last month, we’ve received some fantastic photos over the past month showing the great Mobiling histories within Ice Cream Families. Please continue to send them in and we’ll feature them where we can.

This month we continue with the theme by sharing a selection of images courtesy of Mike Allan of Tartaglia’s of Gloucester. Many of you will have met with Mike over the years, a true gentleman capable of making some of the finest ice cream. He has a great Mobiling setup too.

Amongst the images supplied by Mike is one showing the very first Morrison built Bedford CF with a direct drive system. You can also see what an excellent fleet he operated in the mid-80s with that impressive line-up of vans. The single image of the Ford Transit is the very first Whitby-built Ice Cream Van for Tartaglia’s – and we’re very proud to say, the first of many.

The final image shows how Mike has kept with tradition but modernised at the same time with one of his Millennium Ford Transits.

Many of you will be able to relate to these images and have affinity in one way or another. This industry is unique; there may be several thousand vans out there, but we all tend to know and can relate to one another.