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Heritage Ice Cream Vans: Colicci Commer Bantam

Having been spoilt by Alfonso’s Rocket in the June Newsletter you’d think it would be nigh on impossible to follow up the heritage section this month. Well thankfully, that is not the case!

Take a look at this stunning Commer Bantam, built for Colicci in London. Featuring the latest holdover system and a fully working soft ice cream setup, this vintage ice cream van is as good as any we have ever produced.

As with many Whitby Morrison heritage restorations, the Commer arrived to us as a flatbed delivery truck. A new hardwood timber frame was constructed and finished with aluminium panelling, before being painted. The interior was kitted out in a custom Formica style to compliment the age of the vehicle and its branding.

On departure from the Whitby Morrison factory, it went straight into action at the Chelsea Flower Show and can now be found working in the Royal parks in London.