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Fundraising for Manchester

It seems to be an all too common theme in 2017 when it comes to tragedy, but what we have also seen is people pulling together to help others.

The tragic bombing at the Manchester Arena touched the hearts and emotions of everyone. Whitby Morrison were approached to help with a fundraiser at Nantwich Town in support of the victims and their families. With Manchester being just half an hour away, there was (very sadly) personal tragedy being supported too.

At the start of July, a whole host of fun activities were put on for visitors to the Weaver Stadium and the weather played it’s part too!

In the space of a couple of hours, Whitby Morrison were pleased to raise nearly £500 by giving away free ice cream, contributing to a total of around £2000.

None of us ever wants to face tragedy but when it strikes, it’s nice to have the chance to help those affected.