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Commer Ambulance awaits action

The vintage Mobiling market continues to grow with opportunities popping up all over the country, whether it opens up a new location or allows a job to be taken where a new one wouldn’t be suitable.

Here at Whitby Morrison we take great pride in the restoration and conversion of heritage ice cream vans and, as any regular visitor will tell you, we have a continual number of jobs in production at any one time.

We also don’t like to miss an opportunity too! And when the chance to purchase this stunning 1965 Commer came up, it had to be seriously considered.

Built as a civilian support ambulance for the Cold War era, the Commer had just 9000 miles on the clock and just a single owner FROM NEW. With just a spec of surface rust, and everything original it couldn’t be ignored.

After careful negotiations the Commer was purchased – and this included the military equipment in the rear including field stretchers, gas masks, first aid kits, a Geiger-counter (for measuring radiation) and even two 1940s resuscitation devices. Great stuff indeed.

There are no immediate plans to convert this vehicle into an ice cream van, but we know its there and what a great job it’d do as one! For now it’ll remain a mobile museum.