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Carpigiani Technical Bulletin: correct use of the Magic Eye

High performance Carpigiani Rapida and Furgoni with Magic Eye

Overview: the importance of the Magic Eye

The latest Carpigiani soft ice cream machines from Whitby Morrison are the highest performing van model machines ever produced. 

It is very important to not operate them in the same way as earlier models.  The Magic Eye is a key feature and is there not just for convenience but also to prevent undue wear and tear. 

Used correctly these machines will produce thousands of ice creams for many years, hassle free.


Modern day operation

Daily washing and lubrication have always been important for hygiene and performance and remains so with the latest models.  The pump should be removed, cleaned thoroughly, and lubricated every day.  Always use genuine Petrol Gel or Carpilube, do not Vaseline.  If you want to know why, simply apply a dab of both to the back of your hand; the Petrol Gel will remain in place regardless of several washes.  The Vaseline however will be removed.

When starting with an empty machine, firstly prime the barrel with a cup of liquid mix.  This ensures that the beater blade is lubricated and doesn’t run metal to metal.

Turn the switch to Initial Freeze Down (right) position; the beater will engage, and you will hear the pump begin pumping liquid mix into the barrel.  After a short time, the pump noise will stop as the barrel is full and up to pressure.  

You will have heard the compressor engage at the start of this process.  After a few minutes, when ice cream is ready, the micro switch will disengage the compressor and the noise return to previous.

Move the switch to the Magic Eye Dispense (top) position, the machine will go into standby mode.  When you are ready to dispense ice cream, moving your hand in front of the magic eye will automatically reengage the beater and refrigeration system.  When you have finished serving, a timer allows the machine to continue for a further thirty-five seconds* before once again returning to standby mode.

Standby mode reduces wear on the machine and most importantly ensures that the pump only runs when cold ice cream mix is being pumped through it.  This not only lubricates the pump, but also keeps it cool.

*  The time delay is set at the factory when commissioning all new machines.   It should never need to be readjusted, but we do recommend checking from time to time.   It is not imperative but if you would like to check, a video is available on our YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/h2i8LOe9P20


Old style operation

Prior to the advent of the modern-day soft ice cream machines, Mobilers would start up their Bedfords or Commers and prepare the Carpigiani for the days work ahead.   They would switch the machine to the dispense position and then leave it running while they went back in for breakfast.   This had limited negative effect; the machines of that era were slow to freeze and the bell pump system ensured that liquid mix was continuously pumped despite ice cream not being dispensed.  The modern-day operation is not suited to this style.


Revised switch decal

With consideration to that not every Ice Cream Van is worked by an owner-operator, we have designed a new switch label to provide clearer instruction to the end user.

This revised wording is applied to all newly commissioned machines.  A vinyl decal with this wording is available for you to fit to existing machines of the correct model.  Please contact us with your serial number and we will be pleased to send the decal to you.