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Carpicare Kits available now

With the launch of the Rapida X, Whitby Morrison and Carpigiani have produced the highest performance van model soft ice cream machine to date.

Whitby Morrison are proud to offer a wide range of spares and back up service. In conjunction with Carpigiani we have developed the Carpicare kit.

The tune up kits supplied by Whitby Morrison in recent years have proven incredibly popular and the Carpicare kit takes the spares concept to another level.

Suited to all Uno and Rapida models, the Carpicare kit will ensure your machine is kept in tip top condition and performing as it should.

Priced at £70.00 plus VAT (more than 10% saving if items bought separately), the kit includes:

• Carpilube tube
• Pointed valve
• R pump spring
• O ring set
• O ring extractor tool
• Duckbill valve
• Beater seal
• Cleaning brushes
• Pumpshaft oil seal