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An opportunity for you: Vintage vans

Vintage Ice Cream Vans are big business, and becoming even more so. The fact that there are always several under construction in the Whitby Morrison factory speaks for itself. (We have a couple of very special vans ready for release within the next few weeks…).

Vintage ice cream vans may not be suited to every Mobiling application, but they’re certainly appreciated by everyone!

And it is for that reason that we are looking to invite Mobilers to display their own Vintage Ice Cream Van at the annual Whitby Event held at Nantwich in October. We learned from last year that by offering something different (the Bedford display), people were excited.

As for the exact number of spaces available, that’s yet to be finalised. To start the ball rolling, please get in touch if you’d like to have your van on display and we can take it from there.

Further to the plan for Nantwich, the Ice Cream Alliance are putting on a similar initiative for the Ice Cream Expo in Harrogate. This is a great thing and will no doubt draw in an increasing number of Mobilers to the Event. For further details on this please contact the Ice Cream Alliance directly.