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June Newsletter 2022

June is all about the Jubilee celebrations as Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70-years on the throne. A delayed double Bank Holiday will have us all clamouring for some good weather. Whether you’re spending time with friends and family, selling ice cream or anything else – we hope that you have a very successful and enjoyable weekend. This month we head down under to look at a truly iconic Ice Cream Van, catch up with David Scallan before he retires, look at the new website and so much more. Thank you... Read More


May Newsletter 2022

Easter proved to be a fantastic weekend for almost all areas of the country, let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come. We’ve got a great variety of news for you this month; a beautiful new scooping vehicle for Snugburys, more TV work with the BBC and a look at some of the latest vans to hit the road. Walls turn 100 years old and are looking to break the world record for ice cream vans – we bring you details of how to be a part of it.... Read More


April Newsletter 2022

March has given us everything from 20c and sunshine to freezing temperatures and snow! More of the former and less of the latter please as we move into April and approach Easter. This month we look back on the BBC programme We Are England, belatedly celebrate Mobiler of the Year, look at the latest Ice Cream Vans and catch up with another member of the Whitby Morrison team. Download the Newsletter


March Newsletter 2022

Spring will soon be upon us, the dark days and cooler weather in the past. We’ve got lots of exciting news this month, from a truly unique Mondial Lusso to career opportunities, to television coverage. And a bit of Boxing thrown in too! Here’s to a positive start to the season. Download the Newsletter


February Newsletter 2022

It’s been a mixed month with a combination of both freezing and mild conditions, indeed many have been outselling ice cream! February is traditionally the coldest month of all so let’s get through it and get ready for better times, the clocks change next month! This month we look at the latest ePower Ice Cream Van to hit the road, review where the industry is with exhibitions and take a closer look at happenings at the Whitby Morrison factory. Download the Newsletter


January Newsletter 2022

We’d like to wish each and every one of you the best wishes for 2022. We’re all a little unsure as to what this year holds, but what we must do is remain optimistic. We’ve all overcome adversity in the last two years, and by taking everything in our stride better days should be around the corner. We bring the new year in with a look at what lies ahead, some of the latest vans to have been built and catch up with another member of the Whitby Morrison team.... Read More


December Newsletter 2021

Yet another year draws to a close, and whilst we may be far from the normality we crave its certainly been a better 12 months than the previous. The second half of the year saw the return of events, this allowed some to make a dent into the deficit caused by the virus. And of course we are able to hold the annual Whitby Event for the first time in two years. Nothing is perfect, but things are slowly improving. Small steps and all that. To conclude the year we’ve... Read More