Whitby Morrison - World Leading Ice Cream Van Manufacturer

As a world leader, here at Whitby Morrison we employ a team of dynamic, creative and hardworking people.

To produce the world’s finest ice cream vans, it requires the right team of people with exceptional skills and talent. This unique industry requires (and offers) the perfect blend of modern and traditional skills and techniques.

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity where no two days are the same, working amongst a great team with the chance to learn something new every day, then you must consider joining Whitby Morrison.

Opportunities within Whitby Morrison including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Internal and external supply chain, HRM, Project management, Customer service, Apprenticeships, GRP, Fabrication, Refrigeration, Electrical, Woodworking, Chemical insulation, Bodywork, Spraying, Signwriting, Graphic design, Valeting, Quality inspection.

Work experience and graduate trainee opportunities are also available during certain contracts.

And it’s not just limited to those; here at Whitby Morrison we want to employ you and keep you as part of the Whitby Morrison team forever! Opportunities to progress, take on new responsibilities and develop your own career plan are available to the right individuals.

Apprenticeship Programme

Applications for the 2024 Whitby Morrison Apprenticeship Programme are open.  

Many of Whitby Morrison staff began their working lives as Whitby apprentices, developing unique specialised skills that they would be unlikely to gain elsewhere.

Their job satisfaction, development and of course commitment, is a major factor for our continued success.

The apprenticeship programme enables the individual to work with a broad age range, and people with different abilities and from unfamiliar backgrounds. It is these skills that assist them with their future development.

The apprenticeship will cover most areas of the factory (depending on production requirements) before focussing on a particular area that the right candidate will have succeeded in.

The programme is typically 2 years, possibly progressing to 3 depending on the individual and circumstance. Whilst qualifications are important (English and Maths at C or above are required), the right attitude and a willingness to learn are key to making it a success. The structure is 1 day a week in college, 4 days (plus overtime) at the factory.

To apply: please email your CV to info@whitbymorrison.com and quote ‘2024 Apprenticeship Intake’ or click on the link