Cholmondeley reaction

Its a few months since the fantastic Cholmondeley Pageant of Power and indeed attentions have already switched to plans for next year.

A recent discussion with Mike Allen at Tartaglia’s of Gloucester led to the production of this article as printed in Classic Car Weekly.

Whilst the images may be small, it shows that over the three day event, the vintage Ice Cream Vans from the Whitby Morrison heritage Collection were one the finest attractions for visitors! Great for the industry too.

A beautiful pair of Commers

Here they are; two of the finest Commer Ice Cream Vans you’re likely to see this year. Fresh from the Whitby Morrison factory, they’ll soon be selling ice cream at events in England and Ireland.

If you’ve visited us in Crewe recently, it’s quite likely that you’ll have been able to see firsthand the attention to detail that has gone into these stunning vans.
Externally slightly different, both share the same high-tech specification on the inside, with the latest Carpigiani Rapida II, super silent generator, LED lighting, freezer and chiller storage along with the eye catching pink gingham Formica.

If you’re at an event in the Dublin area or Southern England through the summer then be sure to keep an eye out for one of these two beauties.

99x99s – Luke Stephenson

Ice Cream is a hugely popular interest for many – every thought of a heatwave, washout and chime argument is covered by an Ice Cream Van and radio or television crew. Beyond this annual cycle of stories, there’s a wider picture with Ice Cream than many people have perhaps thought – an artistic picture if you will.

32 year old Luke Stephenson from Darlington is a photographer who thrives on the eccentricity of Britain and the British way of life. As we all know (and the reason why you’re reading this) the 99 is a key part of British life, and indeed identity – nowhere else does it exist as it does here.

And what we all also know is that whilst everyone interprets size a little differently (!), a 99 consists of a cone, ice cream and a chocolate flake.
Luke took it upon himself to travel around the country and then purchase and photograph a 99 from various ice cream vans, kiosks and parlours. And then document each in a book.
The findings are fascinating, with the simplicity of a 99 reflected in the presentation of the book.

Everyone reading this will know someone in the book – it’s a lovely read and well worth the £30 price (or £40 for those of you preferring a signed edition). Everyone with a remote interest in ice cream should own one…

Walls Bedford CA restoration

This stunning Bedford CA has just been completed having undergone a full conversion process – and isn’t it just stunning!

The Bedford CA became a key model for Walls with its small size and ease of use. With the development of the Direct Drive System, they opened up great opportunities which had been previously stifled by the large Commers and associated vehicles.

Completed in the famous Walls ‘dogtooth’ livery, this beautiful vintage ice cream van is fully mobile and ready to bring smiles to everyone.

The chassis itself was originally a panel van for Radio City, and after a little TLC (and a bit more after that!) it was made fully operational and now sounds as good as the day it was first started up.

New wooden frames were drawn up and handcrafted before the fitting of aluminium panelling befitting of the era of when they were built in their 100s.

Finished in traditional blue marble laminate with a balloon man roof, the interior features a traditional 3 lid freezer with single chiller and has been brought up to date with the latest Carpigiani Rapida II and electric motor system.

Everyone has a Bedford Ice Cream Van memory, whether young or old – and this one is certain to create many more!

The Rolls Royce of Ice Cream Vans

 A lot of heritage restorations were undertaken at the Whitby Morrison factory during 2014, and there are many more lined up for the forthcoming 12 months.

What better way to start 2015 than with the stand out vehicle of 2014 – and perhaps the finest heritage conversion to date; The Rolls Royce.


Unveiled at the Whitby Morrison Event at Nantwich in October, the Rolls Royce was a popular Ice Cream Van with all Mobilers.

Its immediate future lies with us, but with a hive of interest in the vehicle, its quite likely that you’ll be seeing a lot more of it serving ice cream somewhere in the country during 2015.

With the interior still open to customisation (which will be decided by its end owner) we took advantage of a photographic opportunity with our friends at Crewe Hall.

I’m sure you’ll agree; it looks natural against the backdrop of a stately home – certainly a better suiting than the blue cladding of the factory!

We’ll keep you up to date with the progress of the Rolls Royce and the final specification upon completion of the interior. And in the meantime we’ll bring you news of each heritage restoration as it reaches completion.

To whet your appetite there’ll be a Bedford, Morris J Type and Commer for you to soon enjoy.