Whitby Morrison Export

Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Vans are available for export all over the world.

Whitby Morrison Mobiling opportunities for around the world

Whitby Morrison are recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of ice cream vehicles, and for good reason! With products successfully operating in over 60 countries around the globe, it’s hard to see a better Mobiling solution for your location than a Whitby Morrison one.

It’s a little known fact that at any point in time, somebody somewhere is smiling because they’re buying an ice cream from a Whitby Morrison-built vehicle.

With European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, Whitby Morrison are geared up (and amply qualified) to produce the perfect Mobiling solution for you. And even if you are beyond Europe, we have the necessary skills and expertise to offer you a smooth export/import transaction.

Most Whitby Morrison export vehicles are built using the Mercedes Sprinter and Chevrolet Express as the base vehicle. We have also worked with Volkswagen, Ford and Fiat in providing the perfect Mobiling solution.

Whatever your requirements, whatever help and guidance you need; Whitby Morrison can help you succeed in the international Mobiling industry.