Whitby Morrison Conversions

The perfect solution for the ice cream business looking to save on price but not compromise on quality.

Convert your used vehicle into a top of the range ice cream van

It is important to us as a business to bring the opportunity of a new Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van to as many as possible.

When a brand new chassis isn’t perhaps a viable option, a Mobiler may choose to supply their own used vehicle in readiness for conversion. What may be lost in terms of manufacturer warranty and minimal mileage will be somewhat compensated with a reduced price – and there are some real bargains out there!

A conversion offers the Mobiler all the benefits of a brand new Whitby Morrison build, warranty and back up service. And there’s certainly no limit on the range of customisable options to make your ice cream van perfectly suited to your needs.

And to further make it a viable option for all, is with the opportunity to supply your own equipment.

Minimal residual values and unrivalled performance make it the perfect Mobiling option.