Whitby Morrison Amalfi

Striking in appearance, unbeatable in performance, the perfect van for the 21st century ice cream business.

The perfect ice cream van for 21st century ice cream selling

The introduction of the Amalfi to the mobile ice cream industry caused quite a stir; unlike anything seen before, the striking appearance of the Amalfi has revolutionised ice cream vans.

The distinctive bodywork lines and definite edges of the Amalfi are tinged with a hint of retro, particularly with the rear fins.

Featuring bonded windows and louvres, the risk of a water leak is all but eliminated whilst maintaining a nice flush finish.

There’s the opportunity to enhance the exterior further too with retro styled illuminated rocket pods. And that’s before you consider the other additional lighting opportunities and the optional integral rear view camera system

The increased height rear storage hatch offers ample internal storage space, whether for your PPS and refrigeration system controls.

Internally, the increased rear freezer has been developed to prevent ice build-up around the aperture. And with a chiller offering integral insulated doors (Whitby model), the Amalfi is geared up perfectly for the 21st century Mobiler.

There’s certainly no mistaking what purpose the Amalfi serves – it looks just like an ice cream van should! It’s a future classic, that’s for sure!

Download the Amalfi Spec