Selling ice cream for profit

We are all in business to make money – with selling ice cream the opportunity is simple

A simple and dedicated approach is all that is needed to make your business profitable

It’s a simple fact in life, if you work hard enough (and with a little luck along the way) you will achieve success.

The ice cream industry is no different; the opportunity is there and it can be incredibly rewarding if you are willing to put the necessary hard work in. Job satisfaction, the social element and the incredible profit opportunities make it a viable opportunity for many.

Using a simple formula of;
Cost price

Cone @10p + Mix @20p + Topping @20p = 50p

The sale price will always vary depending on geographical area, customer base and the event/location.

Profit for such would be between 100% (£1 cone) and 300% (£2 cone)

As your business becomes established and your customers’ requirements develop, similar profitable opportunities with Slush and hot drinks can be considered.

Of course its not all bottom line profit, as with any business overheads such as insurance, fuel, licensing and of course wages need to be accounted for too!

The simple fact of the matter is; work hard and you can achieve fantastic results!