Heritage Ice Cream Vans: Colicci Commer Bantam

Having been spoilt by Alfonso’s Rocket in the June Newsletter you’d think it would be nigh on impossible to follow up the heritage section this month. Well thankfully, that is not the case! Take a look at this stunning Commer Bantam, built for Colicci in London. Featuring the latest holdover system and a fully working soft ice cream setup, this vintage ice cream van is as good as any we have ever produced. As with many Whitby Morrison heritage restorations, the Commer arrived to us as a flatbed delivery truck.... Read More


Raymond ‘Flo’ Morris celebrates 25 years

The Whitby Morrison Team produce some of the finest ice cream vans in the world; the dedication, hard work and undoubted skills are one of the key reasons behind the success of every Whitby van. Many of the Whitby Morrison team join the company at a young age, make huge strides forward and then lead the company from strength to strength. A number of people have reached the 25-year milestone in recent times, and Paint Shop Team Leader Raymond Morris is the latest to join that elite group. Ray ‘Flo’... Read More


Historic Mobiling: Tartaglia’s of Gloucester

Following on from the Perruzza family last month, we’ve received some fantastic photos over the past month showing the great Mobiling histories within Ice Cream Families. Please continue to send them in and we’ll feature them where we can. This month we continue with the theme by sharing a selection of images courtesy of Mike Allan of Tartaglia’s of Gloucester. Many of you will have met with Mike over the years, a true gentleman capable of making some of the finest ice cream. He has a great Mobiling setup too.... Read More


Historic images from the Perruzza family

The Perruzza family from the Lake District are popular and well known throughout Mobiling circles. On a recent visit to the Whitby Morrison factory they took the opportunity to share some fantastic photos showing the family’s Mobiling heritage. The main photo shows the Terribile family of Preston, relatives of the Perruzza’s and owners of one of the first motorised Ice Cream Vans in the 1920s. Also pictured are Tony Perruzza’s grandfather Joseph with his horse and cart, and his grandmother Teresa, also with horse and cart. The van image is... Read More


A tribute to Bedford

The 2016 Whitby Event presented us with the opportunity to present something a little different than normal. In recent years we’ve enjoyed sharing the industry icons with you; the Rocket, the J Type and the Batman Mini to name just a few. And whilst they remain timeless and will always hold a place in Mobiler’s hearts, we thought it time for a change. Every Mobiler has a Bedford Ice Cream Van memory, whether having driven them, bought from them or heard the stories of them; they are looked back upon... Read More


Cummins Bedford CF – what a lovely pair

These two stunning Cummins Bedford CF Ice Cream Vans have been restored on behalf of two long standing friends and customers of Whitby Morrison. Each vehicle was stripped right back to basics with extensive chassis work to ensure everything is as good as it has ever been. Both have been fully kitted out with new refrigeration and counterwork to the interior – and of course stunning new paint work and graphics to the outside! Both vans have even had the original direct drive system overhauled and recommissioned so that it... Read More


Vintage Austin A55 Ice Cream Van

Regular readers of the Whitby Morrison Newsletter often talk to me about the diversity of the vans featured in the Heritage Collection feature. Its always nice to find something a little different, and this month is really special for just that reason. Pictured here is an Austin A55 with newly panelled bodywork, striking aluminium mouldings with blue insert, a brand new 2 lid refrigeration system and a rather stunning pink and old English white paint job. It’s a shame we don’t have a photo to show just what condition this... Read More


Commer Ambulance awaits action

The vintage Mobiling market continues to grow with opportunities popping up all over the country, whether it opens up a new location or allows a job to be taken where a new one wouldn’t be suitable. Here at Whitby Morrison we take great pride in the restoration and conversion of heritage ice cream vans and, as any regular visitor will tell you, we have a continual number of jobs in production at any one time. We also don’t like to miss an opportunity too! And when the chance to purchase... Read More


Walls FG Rocket launched

Here at Whitby Morrison we are passionate about vintage ice cream vans and preserving the heritage of our great industry. This regular feature of the newsletter shows what an important part of our business it is. We try to cover all projects that are undertaken – we’re proud of them all. But every now and then, one comes through that is above and beyond exceptional – and this month is one of those occasions. This unbelievable Leyland FG Cummins Rocket is newly converted and completed in vintage Walls livery to... Read More


Delving into the Commercial Motor magazine archive

When it comes to heritage, Mobiler Paul Field is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable members of the industry. Paul and I were recently discussing manufacturers of Ice Cream Vans from years gone by and in particular MTS Ltd of Feltham. He pointed me in the direction of the new archive offered by Commercial Motor magazine. The search facility allows you to look back as far as 1905 for articles covering all manner of subjects. Just typing in ice cream brings up over 400 articles itself! For info, here... Read More