September Newsletter 2020

Here’s hoping for the Indian Summer we’ve been accustomed to during recent Septembers. As the season begins to quieten down, we turn our attentions to the cooler months. For some this means bringing things to a close, for others a change of direction and focus. This month we look at the Whitby Event, a new Guinness world record, Apprenticeships and much more. Do not miss the interview with Jayne too! Download the Newsletter


August Newsletter 2020

Its hard to believe that we’re now in the later Summer months, things have only just started to get going! Its not over yet though and history tells us that September can be a somewhat exceptional month for sunshine and warmth. This month we take a look at an exciting new development in conjunction with Carpigiani, review the latest vans to depart the factory, catch up with another member of the Whitby Morrison team and much more. Download the Newsletter


July Newsletter 2020

Life continues to return to normal. Its not going to happen overnight, but one step at a time normality will return. We are pretty much back to a full team here at the Whitby Morrison factory and working hard to fulfil everyone’s requirements before the summer passes us by. This month we look at some of the exciting projects we have completed, look ahead to industry events and learn more from the latest team member interview. And much more too. Download the Newsletter


June Newsletter 2020

The world remains in a strange state but there are signs of a steady return to normality. Whilst many restrictions remain in place, opportunities are arising to facilitate businesses returning to some kind of operation. Keeping things simple is the key; focus on what we have and use it to the best of our ability rather than chasing the impossible. A steady and consistent approach is better long term than a quick gamble. Download the Newsletter


May Newsletter 2020

What a very strange month. Arguably the finest start to Spring in living memory which should have given everyone an even better start to the season. When we face a situation like the current one, it is a great time to learn and adapt your business accordingly. Opinions on trading during this time have varied greatly and we are not going to focus on that. Instead, we look at a few of the many kind gestures undertaken by Mobilers in supporting key workers and the vulnerable. If you’ve been supporting... Read More


April Newsletter 2020

I have to say, when I was writing the last Newsletter, nobody could have predicted the situation in which we now find ourselves. It’s like we are dreaming and on the set of a disaster film. The Newsletter this month starts with a happy memory and then focuses on what we should be doing amidst this current situation. Download the Newsletter


March Newsletter 2020

It’s been a pretty horrific month with regard the weather; storms, flooding, snow, ice and everything else. It hasn’t stopped the Mobiling world from turning, however. This month we look ahead to the Mobilers Show in Blackpool, congratulate Mobiler of the Year, catch up with another member of the Whitby Morrison team and look into some filming with the BBC. Download the Newsletter


February Newsletter 2020

We’ve been over in Rimini, Italy exhibiting at Sigep and bring you the latest from there. This month we’re also proud to introduce our very first Ice Cream Van built on a MAN chassis. We’ve got opportunities, fundraising updates and have a catch up with another member of the Whitby Morrison team. Welcome to February… Download the Newsletter


January Newsletter 2020

Welcome to a new decade, we’d like to wish each and every one of you a healthy and prosperous 2020. The Mobiling industry has progressed significantly during the last decade and this one will be no different. We begin 2020 with a look at what’s to come, celebrate more community involvement and learn more about another member of the Whitby Morrison team. Download the Newsletter


December Newsletter 2019

As another decade draws to a close, we can look back proudly at how far the Mobiling industry has progressed. There’ll always be downs, but there have been so many more positives. This month we look back at the Street Food Live exhibition and the new Chocmobile. We also talk about the latest charity support from Whitby Morrison as well as having a chat with one our of longstanding team members. Download the Newsletter