August Newsletter 2021

We’re in the midst of school holidays and staycations, the weather has been hot to the extreme and things are all a little chaotic. This month we look at how ePower continues to lead the way, have a look at the latest community and charity happenings at Whitby Morrison amongst loads of other interesting stuff. Download the Newsletter


June Newsletter 2021

This month we look at the first ePower system to go live as a business. And if that is not enough, we’ve got the latest on the most iconic van ever made, the FG Rocket – its off to Iceland no less! There loads more happening too with further media work, glimpses into what’s around the corner and another catch up with one of the Whitby Morrison team. Great reading as we enter the Summer months! Download the Newsletter


May Newsletter 2021

We’ve seen record temperatures, a lack of rainfall and most importantly – lots of Ice Cream Vans out on the road! This month we take a look at some of the latest Ice Cream Vans to leave the Whitby Morrison Factory, review the Car SOS show, catch up with another team member and much more in between. Read on for a bumper issue. Download the Newsletter


April Newsletter 2021

The Spring equinox has passed, the clocks have changed, days are longer and better weather is on the way. This month we’ve got loads happening; government branding, free servicing, 5-tonne chassis info and so much more. Download the Newsletter


March Newsletter 2021

Spring has sprung for sure and with the government announcing the roadmap to normality, good days lie ahead. We have got a bumper issue for you this month starting with the announcement of Whitby Morrison ePower. There’s loads more too including a quick look at the latest vans and a look at what’s happening exhibition wise. Download the Newsletter


February Newsletter 2021

You would be forgiven for suggesting every day is like Groundhog Day. Whether it is the virus, flooding, snow, or extensions to lockdown; little seems to be changing. This month we look at what might just be the signs of recovery. We also focus on the exciting new Carpigiani Furgoni, bring charity fundraising news, look back at the exhibitions we should have been all meeting up at – and catch up with another member of the Whitby Morrison team. Download the Newsletter


January Newsletter 2021

That’s it, 2020 is done and dusted. A year that will live long in the memory largely for the wrong reasons. That said, if you’re reading this, you’re one of the lucky ones – you made it through to 2021. Whilst normality is probably a good while off, we are optimistic that this year will see the steady return of events and gatherings. Theatres and cinemas have been open for a while and football stadiums are now allowed up to 4000 fans (depending on tier), shows and festivals shouldn’t be... Read More


December Newsletter 2020

Let’s not waste any time talking about the ongoing situation. The Mobiling community have been working hard to support local communities, and here at Whitby Morrison we have been playing our part too. This month we continue with our charity fundraising efforts and recognise those achievements of those within the Whitby Morrison community. There is also a bit of TV to catch up on too… Download the Newsletter


November Newsletter 2020

Another year draws to a close, and what a rubbish one its been, mostly. To round things up we are asking for you to buy some raffle tickets, look back over 10-years of Newsletters, celebrate a great achievement with Jayne and catch up with Tony from the Coachbuilding department. We have got some great footage of new vans too and another vintage delight to feast your eyes upon. Thanks, everyone. Download the Newsletter


October Newsletter 2020

The Indian summer we all dreamt of came and went, leaving us with the uncertainty of Autumn. It was only two years ago that Halloween temperatures reached 20c in parts of the UK; something similar would be nice! This month we’re focusing on fundraising in the absence of the Whitby Event, bringing news of the new Top Gear series, celebrating more team member milestones and reviewing the latest COVID measures at Whitby Morrison. Download the Newsletter