Electric power systems for Ice Cream Vans

Green Energy Mobile Catering

Whitby Morrison ePower

Why Whitby Morrison ePower?

• Lithium-Ion battery technology providing the ultimate green energy solution
• Ultra-quiet and vibration free operation
• Significant operational cost reduction compared to diesel
• Lower engine hours, extended service intervals
• Low maintenance ePower and Rapida e
• No need for the PPS or EMD ensures improved payload
• This is the perfect solution for schools, parks, pitches, traditional street Mobiling, festivals and shows. Indoor and Outdoor!

Green Power Technology

• High Performance Rapida e – comparable performance to Rapida X
• Optimum efficiency refrigeration system
• Bespoke Lithium-ion power for multi-cycle operation
• Solar energy support system at cost-neutral
• Rapid-recharge via 32A mains connection
• Alternator top-up via vehicle engine when engaged
• Mains power override when available at site
• App download to monitor live system performance and capacity

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