October Newsletter 2019

It’s been a mixed month of sunshine and showers, cold mornings and warm days. This month it’s all about the Whitby Event 2019. We take a look at what’s taking place, who’s going to be there, what vans will be on show and what we have for you take away. There is some great news from Pinky and Friends too.

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Whitby Event 2019 Sates announced

Whitby Morrison are delighted to officially announce the dates for the 2019 Event. The two-day celebration will be held on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 October at the Weaver Stadium in Nantwich.

The event will follow a similar format to previous years with a vast array of trade partners, the latest and vintage Ice Cream Vans, free catering for all and… a bar!

Tickets will be available in due course – please wait for the announcement for the request process to open.

Oxford Diecast launch Mr Whippy Morrison CF

All Ice Cream Vans are beautiful in their own right and everyone has a favourite model. For myself (Ed) and a high percentage of the Mobiling fraternity, there is none more iconic than the Morrison CF.

Oxford Diecast have produced a stunning range of Ice Cream Van models in recent years but have outdone themselves with this unbelievable Morrison CF replica.

Built using tooling from the Mr Whippy CF in the Whitby Morrison collection, there’s no detail left unturned and it even includes replica price stickers on the windows!

The models are available to order from Oxford Diecast by clicking the link below, priced at £16.95. Keep an eye out for the Mister Softee model due out later this year.


Ice Cream Mobiling in the media

Its been a busy time of late for Mobiling in the media. Here at Whitby Morrison we always endeavour to work with the media to try and portray our industry in the most positive of lights.

With the emissions story bubbling on, Whitby Morrison have worked hard to present a more positive look at things. We have recently taken part in interviews with several radio stations including a positive piece on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours – their biggest audience show.

BBC’s The One Show are about to show a piece talking about the positives of the industry and the plans for the future. Both BBC pieces included interviews with Mobilers John Bonar and Moz Murray too.

Beyond this, Whitby Morrison also spent the day with Commercial Motor magazine as they wrote a seasonal piece on the Ice Cream industry. The 8-page article is expected to be published in one of the early August editions.

Keep an eye on the Whitby Morrison social media channels for further information.

Guinness World Records Book 2020

The 2020 edition of the Guinness World Records book is due for release on 05 September 2019. We are optimistic that the World’s Largest Parade of Ice Cream Vans will be featured in there along with a selection of images from the day.

The world record set by 84 Mobilers on 16 October 2018 received national media coverage and was supported by Guinness World Records themselves. They sent up an adjudicator and their media team; there are not many record attempts that receive this!

We’ll keep an eye on things and let you know via social media if we find out anything more.

ISO9001:2015 Audit Success

Whitby Morrison operates a quality management system under the guise of ISO 9001:2015. This internationally recognised standard was integrated into the Whitby Morrison business in 2014.

The system is audited annually by government representatives to ensure compliance and effective performance. There is a clear focus on continuous improvement and refinement of the system.

The 2019 audit of the Whitby Morrison system was intensive and covered all areas of the business. We were delighted to be notified of zero non-conformances and a recommendation to progress without exceptions.

Ice Cream Alliance: Tony’s Ices supporting ‘A Child of Mine’

Written by Karl Simcock.

In 1981, while me and my older brother, Anthony, where riding our bikes he was unfortunately hit by a car and never made it. As I was with him, I saw the whole thing, and although I had other brothers and a sister, it was a terribly tragic time for us all. Not a lot of support was provided to any of the family to help deal with the loss.

As kids we always had a lot to do with ice cream. In 1982 I brought my first ice cream van and I got the buzz for the trade as we all do! Then I created my own company known as ‘Tony’s ices’ in tribute to my brother.

In 2017, to mark our 25th anniversary, I wanted to do something special and I had heard of a charity called ‘A Child of Mine’, which helps bereaved parents and siblings come to terms with losing a loved one. I couldn’t think of a better charity to support as it was much needed back when we lost Anthony. They set up support groups for the kid’s, coffee mornings for the adults and so much more, I could go on for ever!

We show our support by making a variety of creative ice creams like a Cheeky Monkey, Angry Birds and Pinocchio, just to name a few! For every one sold, we donate 20% to the charity. We also have a table for the girls at their annual summer ball, which is always a good night out with lots of laughs and fun. We have been supporting ‘A Child of Mine’ now for 3 years and we will continue to do so, as it is a charity that I will always hold close to my heart. So far we have raised nearly £10,000 to date and we can only hope this grows year on year. If you would like to find about this charity or donate please follow the link provided.

Click here to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tony-s-ices

August Newsletter 2019

We politely asked for some good weather, and my goodness have we got it! Record temperatures in the high 30s for many parts of the country which followed on perfectly from a reasonably settled few weeks. This month we announce the dates of the Whitby Event, look at activities in the media, launch the new model from Oxford Diecast and much more.

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July Newsletter 2019

Its been pretty miserable in truth but we’re in this game for the long term, not just a dampened month here and there. Time to pick ourselves up, dry-off and hope that this heatwave is what we can hope to be a pleasant summer. There are lots going on this month from festivals, to new spares to dreams coming true! Take a look for yourself…

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